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Harkoi as a brand stands on 2 very important pillars. Clean Beauty & Fighting Colorism.

Clean Beauty

Clean Formulation Policy at Harkoi – It means we consciously research every ingredient, don’t encourage fear-mongering of ingredients & instead of demonizing them, we take the time to explain their functionalities & show you the research behind why we use them or avoid a particular ingredient in our formulation. We constantly keep ourselves updated, & encourage you to reach out to us in regards to any questions.
No Known Endocrine Disruptors
No Known Carcinogens
No Known Irritants

I personally have faced PCOS, a hormonal imbalance syndrome, since I was diagnosed at 14.
There is no one reason for the cause, and the theories behind its cause are misinformed & not well researched.
But on this quest to understand my condition I realized that we encounter various chemicals in our everyday lives,
from the glue used to seal a chip packet, the material used to make our plastic water bottles,
to our cosmetics & personal care. While creating Harkoi, we wanted to be mindful of utilizing ingredients & materials
that didn’t use any known endocrine disruptors. We also wanted to do this while avoiding fear-mongering.
Beauty products are made to be enjoyed & relished, not cause anxiety.

Ritu Bhagat, founder.



We at Harkoi, avoid ingredients that are known as endocrine disruptors, carcinogens, irritants. While some ingredients are a straight-up no-no,
many others have exceptions to them. As we expand our product directory, you can find details here.

No Triclosan
No Paraben
No Camphor
No Xylene
No Lead
No Ethyl Tosylamide
No Toluene
No Dibutyl phthalate
No Formaldehyde Resin
No Formaldehyde
No Triphenyl phosphate
No Benzophenones
No Homosalate
No Octinoxate
No Oxybenzone
No Enzacamene
No Octocrylene

Fragrance - only in certain products (currently we only have fragrance in our Hand Sanitizer).

Tinosorb S Tinosorb M Tinosorb A2B Uvinul A Plus Uvinul T150

Endocrine Society INCI decoder - Homosalate INCI decoder - Enzacamene INCI decoder - Oxybenzone INCI decoder - Octinoxate INCI decoder - Octocrylene INCI decoder - Tinosorb M INCI decoder - Uvinul T 150 INCI decoder - Uvinul A Plus INCI decoder - Tinosorb S INCI decoder - Tinosorb A2B

We are constantly adding to our list of ingredient directories, as well as expanding on current research available for each ingredient.
Please reach out to us with any concerns you might have on care@harkoi.in.

Fighting Colorism

We believe we’re at the start of our fight against colorism in India and have a long road ahead of us.

Talk about the problem. Narrate incidents of how close Colorism hits us every day. Uplift moods using motivational quotes & stories. Build beauty products to cater to a wider audience.

By marketing our formulations and not a false sense of beauty. By defining our target audience based on an individual's passion for beauty & wellness. By representing this target audience truly through our digital and print platforms. By working with Creator partners based purely on merit & transparency. By researching & developing products for an Indian audience, based on their tones & skin conditions. Creating unbiased process systems within the company.

An initiative by Harkoi to feature regular people modeling Harkoi products while talking about their story fighting discrimination, colorism, bias etc. Your story can be either about a past struggle, or about how you've overcome it, it could be an incident you're narrating or a life experience you've learnt. To be a part of 'Humans of Harkoi' fill out this form - https://forms.gle/HcoUomQyTBFLTh498

There's a long road ahead of us, if you have any ideas on how we can do better, or want to collaborate with us, use this form as a safe space to send us your ideas! To submit ideas to Harkoi - https://forms.gle/xfNMk2asycx2Cyu66

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